Holocaust for nye tider

Virtuell virkelighet og interaktivitet brukes i økende grad i holocaust-formidlingen. Forskere advarer likevel mot at VR skal bli en «følelsesmaskin».

July 29, 2021 - Los Angeles, California, United States: Students Jacob Manela, Sophia Kangavari and Will Spangler, left to right, interact with 97-year-old Holocaust survivor Renee Firestone -- one of the oldest remaining such survivors in the world appearing in "Dimensions in Testimony," which gives visitors the opportunity to have a virtual "one-on-one" conversation with Renee as a Holocaust survivor. The pioneering project integrates advanced filming techniques, specialized display technologies and next-generation natural language processing to create an interactive biography so the viewer can receive real-time responses to questions from pre-recorded video images. "Our museum was founded by survivors who wanted to share their stories publicly and educate the next generation," said Beth Kean, CEO of the Museum. "With 'Dimensions in Testimony,' countless future generations of visitors and students can hear those stories from the survivors and learn directly from those who were there, even when they are no longer with us."


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