Kviss, uke 28

Trykk på knappen når du er klar, gi deg selv poeng underveis og få en fanfare som står i stil til poengsummen din. Lykke til!

(Original Caption) Chicago: A Substitute For Old Dole. Needn't go to California to get vitamin A, it is impossible to get it in your office or home. According to experts now in a convention in Chicago, medical men are enabled to furnish their patients with sunlight from quartz lamps (Mercury). The quartz lamps permit the rays to enter the body, and so inject vitamin A. Vitamin A influences directly epithetical cells and the vigor which these cells function governs largely an ability of the human body to resist disease. The four doctors removed from the West Coast, where the sun furnishes more clearly than any other place in the United States with ultraviolet rays, may now supply it with this latest invention.


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